3, 2, 1….

I LOVE BEYONCE!!! I totally stan for this woman and her new video countdown made me love her even more!!! I love the colors, the fashion, the Aubrey Hepburn inspiration. ALL OF IT! and of course, the baby bump! Check it out and give your opinions in the comment box below!!!:


Hello World!!!…

Wuzzup peeps,

Ok so this is My First ever blog on my first ever blog site!!! Basically, this is just a cool way of getting things of my chest and interacting with people all over.

so for u to get to know me here’s a few of my faves:

Name/Age: Nydja (NY-JAH), 20

Ocuppation: Student (Architecture)

Hobbies: fashion & music

Flower: Roses (yellow & red)

Music: R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, soul (Beyonce, Chris Brown, Adele, lil Wayne Nicki Minaj, ETC)

Colors: Yellow & Light/Neon Green

so there you go! a little insight about me hope you guys enjoy this ride as I know I will!!! 🙂


Ny for short